Exclusive for Sense Event – Dic 19.


Mette Dress black.

Moondance Boutique Vintage Fair.

Aria Crown Jewels Full Set.


Chloe Sandals Coral.


Its time for Christmas Decos – Gacha.

Its Christmas Cookies Time – Gacha.

Armonia Decor.

[AD] Tree of Lights Package.

[AD] Tree Happy New Year Light.

Store EVHAH.

Evh Didie chair.

Painted Pixels.

PP – Dystopian.


[Xmas Palm] Snowy Winter .

Little Branch.










By Tonny Rey (tonnyrey)

New Beginnings…


…Make Sense


Pose: studiOneiro :studiOneiro: Xmas Gift 2019 -Group Gift (left hand adjusted with Animare)

studiOneiro Mainstore/MP Store/Facebook/Flickr/Instagram 


From SENSE Event December (till January 8th), 2nd Year Anniversary with lots of gifts♥

  • Outfit: (Loud Rebel Designs)LRD Darleen (includes dress, chest fur, fur cuffs-hud driven)
  • Boots&Clutch: ShebaBonnie (hud driven, highly customizable)
  • Furniture: (EVHAH) evh Didie cair set (includes chairs, table, stand, champagne, rug, candles  and more) texture change+sitting/cuddle/adult animations
  • Cookies Boxes: <Aphrodite> Its Christmas Cookies Time – Gacha (includes several cookies boxes, vases, and deco not shown here 9 common, 1 rare)
  • Gazebo: Elfico penso– Gazebo “Aurora” part of All Life Theatre Gacha-11 commons, 1 rare

Sense Event FacebookFlickr/Sepaphim/Blog

Also Used:

  • Fur Hat: (Maxi Gossamer)MG– Fur Collar and Hat – Babushka
  • Fireworks Launcher: Mo Dryke Easy Fireworks

    Happy New Year Shopping!!!



By AmandaSole

Last Christmas



From the Xmas Deco Gacha available @ Sense

<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Berries vase

<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: hohoho sign RARE

<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Baby its cold outside sign

<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Cotton & berries vase

<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Ela sign

<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Holidays wreath


Raindale – Snowhope lantern- Part of the Snowhope sled and lantern prize for doing the MadPea Christmas Adventure Calendar . It is the winter prize – unlocked at the end of the game after you solved the puzzle ( you need to purchase HUD to join the game, there is a terminal at landing point )

Raindale – Holiday topiary – Reindeer- These are available @ Santa Inc. There are 3 types of topiary available in the set with and without lights.

Little Branch

Little Branch- Hazelnut Tree.v1 {Animated}* 4Seasons

Little Branch – Lycium Tree{Animated} *4Seasons- Available @ Man Cave

Little Branch- Snowy Terrain Texture

MG – Country Cottage – Christmas Edition- Available @ Swank

[Figure 8] – Antique Sleigh Gold- Comes with 6 different variations in both the gold and wood pack, Additionally it also comes in either adult or pg versions- Available @ FaMESHed X

*pm*– Tree Shutters – B/Fresh: Red/Green- Available @ We ❤ RP

BC~ Mesh Christmas Wonder Lane Old Red Truck- Available @ Heathen Court Winter Ball

Never Totally Dead– Snowy Bench- Available @ Cosmopolitan

3rd Eye Perceptions

From the Willow Foliage Set available @ We ❤ RP

3rd Eye_ Willow Grass Dusk

3rd Eye_ Willowbreath Grass Wht








By  reaghan

Sweet Morning


POST 230 Sweet Morning
Head ↝ Catwa Mesh ” Catya” 〜 CATWA
Body ↝ Maitreya Mesh Body 〜 Store
Eyes  Luminous Eyes 〜 Aqua 〜 Avi.Glam
Hair ↝ Ivy 〜 Blonde 〜 Navy&Copper

↝ Romper 〜 Minka 〜 @ Cosmopolitan Event 〜 New 〜 Adorsy
Fit for Maitreya, Legacy 〜 Marketplace
Dress 50 Textures ( 35 Standard Colors + 15 Prints)
Sparkle Effect Off/On

↝ Boots 〜 Bonnie 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 December 18th to January 8th 〜 Sheba
For Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, eBody
40 Textures, HUD Incluided

↝ Nails 〜 Square Shine 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 December 18th to January 8th  Stunner Originals
For Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Legacy, Signature
Bento Nail Mesh
Comes in 12 Textures


↝ Best Sister Mug 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 December 18th to January 8th 〜 DUST
Best Family Coffee Gatcha
Symbolic Gift for Family

↝ Cups Rack 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 December 18th to January 8th 〜 DUST
Best Family Coffee Gatcha “Rare”
Symbolic Gift for Family

↝ Cookies Box 1 and 8 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 December 18th to January 8th 〜 Aphrodite
It´s  Christmas Cookie Time Gatcha
6 Common 2 Rare

↝ Berries Vase 〜 @ Sense Event 〜 December 18th to January 8th 〜 Aphrodite
It´s Time For Christmas Deco Gatcha
9 Common 1 Rare

This look is for a Sponsored Event

**LOTD 1476**

Day off

Amazing and necessary…




Hair:Magika – Hair – Nova
Outfit:KiB Designs – Evonne Hoodie Dress Maitreya @ SENSE EVENT
Mug: DUST: Best Family Gacha @Sense – 35L/pull – BLOGGER PACK @ SENSE EVENT

*browns from LeLutka head



Oak and grass: LB_WildShingleOak{Animated}*4Seasons_Pack @ SENSE EVENT
Vase and wall: <Aphrodite> Its time for Christmas Decos – Gacha @ SENSE EVENT
Cookies box: <Aphrodite> Its Christmas Cookies Time – Gacha @ SENSE EVENT
Tree wall decor: Armonia Decor [AD] Tree of Lights Package @ SENSE EVENT
Mugs at wall: DUST: Best Family Gacha @Sense – 35L/pull – BLOGGER PACK @ SENSE EVENT


By Jeanie Waydelich

Look 1088 – Moonshine


Credits :

I.M.C. Girl Next Door Boots @ Sense

I.M.C. Girl Next Door Flannel @ Sense

I.M.C. Girl Next Door Jeans @ Sense


ASURA. Frozen Ears @ Sense

.:: StunnerOriginals ::. Bento Nails Mesh Square @ Sense

DRD – Moonshine Shack Set @ Fameshed until 27/12 after on the Main Store

DRD – Moonshine Shack – Shack – Snowy @ Fameshed

DRD – Moonshine Shack – Table @ Fameshed

DRD – Moonshine Shack – Moonshine Still @ Fameshed

DRD – Moonshine Shack – Cozy Chair @ Fameshed

DRD – Moonshine Shack – Tree @ Fameshed

TLC Chicken Gacha 1 RARE

TLC Chicken Gacha 6 Common

TLC Chicken Gacha 5 Common

[Rezz Room] – Siberian Husky R/W Adult Animesh (companion) @ Uber

Aphrodite – Cookies box 2 @ Sense

Aphrodite – Cookies box @ Sense

.Florix. Antique grocery stock can BREAD – Group Gift

.Florix. Antique grocery stock can CAKE – Group Gift

.Florix. Antique grocery stock can BISCUITS – Group Gift

.Florix. Antique grocery stock can – Group Gift

.:(CW):. Whispering Winter SET @ Sense

LB_WildShingleOak{Animated}*4Seasons @ Sense

DUST: Best Family Gacha @ Sense


By  KittyVonCat

Holiday relaxation


Dear reader.  Wishes your beautiful holiday 🙂

And Today is Christmas Eve.
But i will go to work as like normal day … will be busy grrr



Credit@ Painted Pixels in Sense
House : PP – Dystopian *Detail parts color change by HUD

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Home in Sense
” Its time for Christmas Decos – Gacha”
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: hohoho sign RARE
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Xmas stairs
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha:  JOY sign
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Baby its cold outside sign
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Berries vase
<Aphrodite> Xmas Deco Gacha: Cotton & berries vase

Credit @ EVHAH in Sense
evh Didie tree
evh Didie chair
evh Didie champagne
evh Didie table
evh Didie Rug

Credit @ Facedesk in Sense
FaceDesk – Seasonal Pine Holiday Tree 2
FaceDesk – Seasonal Pine Tree 1
FaceDesk – Seasonal Pine Holiday Tree 1

Credit @ Armonia Decor in Sense
Wall Christmas tree light : Armonia Decor [AD] Tree Merry Christmas Light

Wishes my blog would be help for your Christmas decoration!
Thanks for coming to my blog.


By  xkumomix

☆ POST #1047: Bonnie. Bonnie.


☆ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/isabel_unplugged/

☆ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isabel.unplugged

[Sheba] Bonnie Boots

[Sheba] Bonnie Clutch

[Nandi Style] – Bag Fatpack Dress Jinmi.

JIJO* – “XMAS” Skin (UNPACKER add)


<Aphrodite> Its Christmas Cookies Time – Gacha (Notrans-Demo)

<Aphrodite> Its time for Christmas Decos – Gacha:(Notrans-Deco)

Exclusive in SENSE EVENT

Starts 18th – Ends 08th

URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/168/125/1501

Group flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/senseeventsl/

Fanpage Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senseeventsl/


[Sheba] Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pink%20Cream%20Pie/153/132/24

[Sheba] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shebacreations/

[Sheba] Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2885269@N24/

[Sheba] Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/163192

[Sheba] Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheba_sl/

[Nandi Style]







InWorld Store:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jonquil/199/216/2002 

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/184448437@N04/


http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Huet%20Paradise/32/126/23  MY STORE ♥

https://www.instagram.com/kira_tattoo_sl/   instagram

https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/172373   MY marketplace ♥

https://www.facebook.com/KiraTattooSl/    UFFICIAL PAGE FACEBOOK ♥

https://www.flickr.com/photos/139607132@N03/  MY FLICKR   ♥

https://tattookira.blogspot.com/   MY BLOG ♥

Aphrodite Shop – Home & Garden


Web site: http://aphroditeshop-sl.com/

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/100585789@N02/

Flickr group https://www.flickr.com/groups/aphroditeshop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aphrodite-Shop/594394047278890

Marketplace stores:




By Isabel Unplugged

Look 1084 – A Very Merry Xmas !!!


Credits :

Hair : Doe: Ornament @ @ The Epiphany

Outfit : Les sucreries de Fairy Mitzi @ Sense

Mitzi * Free Sense Birthday gift Headpiece

Mitzi * Red Armwarmers

Mitzi * Red CollarMitzi * Red Dress 2

:: StunnerOriginals ::. Bento Nails Mesh Square Shine @ Sense

{S0NG} Snowfall Eye // Silent Night – Catwa Applier @ The Epiphany


Decor :

{moss&mink} Christmas Tree and ornaments @ Fameshed


The tree!! It’s completely custom, the pack includes a LOT!! Many color & ornament type options, 12 toppers and 6 bases. Decorate with whatever foliage color you prefer, choose the ornament colors you like !!


MADRAS Deer SnowGlobe FatPack

MADRAS Stanta Claus Doll



MINIMAL – Palais Chambre Skybox @ Fameshed

MINIMAL – Tartan Home Set chair @ Collabor88

MINIMAL – Tartan Home Set Stoolwithblankets @ Collabor88 MINIMAL – Tartan Home Set rug @ Collabor88



Aphrodite Cookies box 2 @ Sense

Aphrodite Xmas Deco Gacha: hohoho sign RARE @ Sense

Aphrodite Xmas Deco Gacha: Cotton & berries vase @ Sense


JIAN Pug Elf Stocking Left


[Black Bantam] MerKitten Christmas Stocking ALL RARE


TLC ‘Our fireplace’ – Festive with XMAS tinsel @ Main Store

TLC Beagle Puppies @ Main Store



LB_WildShingleOak{Animated}*4Seasons @ Sense

.:(CW):. Whispering Winter SET @ Sense



Torika NG GiftBoxes GoldBow @ Imaginarium



HPMD* Sunlight



from Dreamland Cozy Christmas Nook Gacha @ Imaginarium

DD Holiday Couch RARE

DD.Shabby Holiday Rug

DD.Shabby Holiday Butler

DD Holiday Cookie Tray


By  KittyVonCat