Sense Event – Vampire Queens…

Exclusive for Sense Event – Sep 20.   


Back Girl:

.:: SO ::.:

Makeup Phlegm.


Pop Star Jewelry Set.


Fashion Charlotte Gown.

[GetRekt Poses]:

Zoe Bento Statics Poses 4/V2.

Red Girl


Lorena Hair.

ALMA Makeup:


Moondance Boutique:

Karita Basic Jewerly.


Christeen Gown.

[GetRekt Poses]:

Zoe Bento Statics Poses 3/V1.

Home & Garden:

Store EVHAH:

EVH Vampire Rest.


The Drusilla Set.

By Tonny Rey (tonnyrey) (for more images)


SENSE EVENT – Get Rekt Bento Poses & Animations
* [Mow 2.0] * Fortuna * Adorably Strange Wares

Shop the Lastet Trends – Open: 18th monthly – Close: 08th next month

[GR] – Zoe Bento Statics Poses
[Mow 2.0] Bella Dress 
Fortuna – jewelry set Pop-Star
Adorably Strange Wares – The Drusilla Decor

By Venus Ronwood

Waiting for my night

SENSE Event 

September Round

Deco: ~ASW~ Candle, lamp, plant and furniture

Facial tattoo: panDEMONium ink, Carpe Diem Tat for -Catwa- Lelutka- Genus-  BoM- Omega

Torso tattoo: panDEMONium ink, Death Tat for – Legacy- BoM- Belleza- Signature- Maitreya- Omega- Slink

 Breast tattoo :Mimmi Collection #Fertility

Poses: [GR] – Zoe Bento Statics Poses

Makeup & Nails:  SO ::. Fatpack Phlegm

By Ari Urvile (for more images)

Weird is the side-effect of Awesome

Featured Items from  SENSE Event August (Aug18th-Sept 8th)

  • Dress: small Material GirlMaitreya size only, 5 opacity levels, 11 single options or fatpack♥

small MainstoreAdult MainstoreMP StoreFlickr/Instagram

  • Boots: ::VOND::HH Boots, texture change individually
  • Glasses: Blue Flower – Sharp Shadeshud controlled
  • Tattoo: panDEMONium ink – Forgiven Tattoo
  • Backdrop: Adorably Strange Wares ~ASW~ The Carter Backdrop

Sense Event FacebookFlickr/Sepaphim/Blog

  • Pose :studiOneiro: Blow set  7 static bento poses+poseballs

studiOneiro Mainstore/MP Store/Facebook/Flickr/Instagram 

Also Used:

Hair: MINA Hair – Audrie

Happy Shopping!!!

By AmandaSole

Post 082 – M.O.W, ADI, Sheba and Adorably Strange Wares @ Sense

ѕponѕor credιтѕ

Glasses: Indy Jeans
→  Available for Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Slink HG/PHY, Tonic Fine/Curvy, Ebody Curvy and Jomo Dragon / Includes Texture/Color HUD with 7 Textures to choose

From M.O.W @ Sense from 18.08 – 08.09.2020

Top: Mona top tight and wide sleeves
→ Available for Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus and Slink HG/PHY in 5 Color Options / Every pack contains 2 versions (Tight and wide sleeves)

From ADI @ Sense from 18.08 – 08.09.2020

Shoes: Elena Wedges
→  Available for Maitreya, Legacy, Slink, Belleza and E.Body in 5 options or as Fatpack!
From Sheba @ Sense from 18.08 – 08.09.2020

Backdrop: The Reign Backdrop
→ 18 LI / Copy/Mon/NoTrans
From Adorably Strange Wares @ Sense from 18.08 – 08.09.2020

oтнer credιтѕ

Laurie:Head: Genus Head – Baby Face (GENUS Project)Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Maitreya)Ears: Short Ripped Ears Ice (Gauze/Trap)Piercings: Casual Goth Piercing (ARTIFICIAL HALLUCINATION)Claws: Essential Dirty Claws (CerberusXing)
Hair: Pemi (Doe)Pose: nella… – 5 mirror (Serendipity)

By snowwhitenight

Stylus 20 • 139•

Rose & Thorn Poses Sad Girl• Furniture •
Backdrop~ASW~ The Reign  @Sense• Body •
 Hair Love [Girlfriend]
Eyes Unnie – Bruna [Lel Evo]
Head Bento LELUTKAMesh Body  Maitreya• Makeup & Nails•
Lashes ::SG:: LeL Evolution Falsies 12 @Sense
Bento Nails Mesh .:: SO ::. Ballerina Long Lusty @Sense• Accesories •
Fortuna – jewelry set Mia @Sense
• Clothe •Outfit *Seniha.*Mp   Mazikeen Set // Fatpack
(maitreya,belleza f/i/, slink h,legacy)

By Liv Mckeenan

#Mod Style ♥ 886 –

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face W001 – Mocap
Not Found – Sade Skin Peach (Genus)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.2
[theSkinnery] Omega Skin Applier FIT peach

[monso] Lalisa Hair /Mix & Pop
I.M.C. Jonelle Dress – Sense Event 
TRUTH Vanish – Brunette
I.M.C. Cardi Bee Set Blue  – Sense Event 
DOUX – Elijah hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
::OOPS:: Basna Outfit  – FATPACK  – Sense Event 
Armonia Decor [AD] Set Arizona  – Sense Event 
~ASW~ The Ezra Backdrop  – Sense Event 

By majitostar7 darkfold

J’veux juste m’asseoir …


MOW – Indy Jeans -> @ SENSE (August 18th / September 08th)

BLUEBERRY – Solstice Top & Fringe Wrap


FASHIONNATIC – Orla Heels -> @ FAMESHED X (August 10th / September 06th)


LIMERENCE – Beverly Hair -> @ FETISH FAIR (August 08th / August 22th)


SLACKGIRL – Lashes 12 & Eyeshadows 58 -> @ SENSE (August 18th / September 08th)


STUN POSES – Melani 1 -> @ VANITY (August 15th / August 25th)


ADORABLY STRANGE WARES – The Reign Backdrop -> @ SENSE (August 18th / September 08th)

By Candynette Metaluna