Sit down and take it easy


Dear reader. Hope your good Tuesday!

What type of fun do you have in SL?
taking picture or exploring or shopping or etc… there is alot of fun in SL.
For me it is blogging for sure.
My main thing in SL is blogging right now and i like it 🙂

Have you visited to Sense event?
There is alot of exclusive items for fashion and home and decor. please visit and check their beautiful items.



Credit @ Elfico pens in Sense July
House : Elfico penso: Nordic Cabin

Credit @ Aprodite shop / Heart Homes in Sense July
“Mar & Tierra –  Coastal Sofa Set”
<Heart Homes> Mar & Tierra – Coastal Sofa PG
<Heart Homes> Mar & Tierra –  Coastal Chair
<Heart Homes> Mar & Tierra – Coastal Coffee Table
<Heart Homes> Mar & Tierra –  Coastal  Hot Choco Tray
<Heart Homes> Coastal Deco planter small
<Heart Homes> Coastal  Deco Planter with glas stones
<Heart Homes> Mar & Tierra –  Coastal Rug
<Heart Homes> Mar & Tierra – Coastal Paintings Mod

Credit @ [CIRCA]living
Swing : [CIRCA] – “WATERTON” Garden Swing Seat – Teak (28 pos)

Gazebo : *Dench Designs* Outdoor Lighting by Dench Designs
Fence : Piano Garden (touch butterflies to animate) by Simply Shelby
Tree : Summer Garden Tree  by Simply Shelby
Grass : Wild Weedy Grass  – crimson by Simply Shelby
Flaming : Flamingo Garden by Simply Shelby
Flower Garden ; Enchanted Crystal  Peony Garden  – Peach Sorbet by Simply Shelby

By  xkumomix