A Flower for You



Baby Rissa smiles sweetly as she offers you a pretty Sunflower, picked right out of Auntie Venom’s Garden She is wearing the Clara Top and Short Outfit, brand new by Baby Ghee! It is available in three sets, each set contains 4 shorts and tops. This fun new collection is available now at the Sense Event!
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A fun new way to leave messages is with the Tissue Messages Box! Simply open the NoteCard inside the box and type your message in the contents. Then whoever clicks on the tissue box will receive your message!  How cool is that? The Tissue Box is available in Seven Patterns.




“The Boho” Sofa & Decor by Tm Creations is available in PG and Adult versions. This set includes The Boho Sofa, Pillow Heart with Ruffles, Rug with Fringes, Siamese Cat on a Pillow and a Boho Banner and Post.




The Boho Gazebo in the Garden and Little Table are new by Elfico penso. Each piece is copy and mod and the set is just 13 land impact. ⚜ The pretty flower bush by Hayabusa Design has 9 color options.. all you do is click the bush and a menu pops up! It can also be resized, so you can fit it easily into any of your garden scenes.
Clara Outfit (Joy 3) – Baby Ghee (currently at The Sense Event)

Abril Shoes – Baby Ghee
Toddleedo Body & Head
Decor Information:
Tissue Messages Box (Floral) – Ananas (currently at The Sense Event)
Flower Bush M1 v1-2 T1 – Hayabusa Design (currently at The Sense Event)
Boho Sofa & Decor – Tm Creation (currently at The Sense Event)
Boho Gazebo in the Garden and Little Table – Elfico penso (currently at The Sense Event)
Photography Information:
Pose: Girassol (and flower prop) by Confetti Poses
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
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Tm Creation
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Runs 15th – 8th each month
Theme this Round: Boho Summer Style
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Sky Windlight: Jay Battlescars 4.0 Summer
Water Windlight: Jay BattleScars * Special Water  – Animal – 100% reflection