My Secret Garden..


The secret garden wakes up from its slumber all winter long, yes its Spring. Flowers of all kind blossom letting out their fragrance & colors making the garden look like a piece of beautiful art. It’s so full of character that it takes days to explore that super gorgeous garden. I feel it breathing, its heartbeats and it’s smile when the sun shines on it brightly. The sparkling water looks like fairies dancing a happy song. Yes, this is my imaginary secret garden but who knows one day I will have a garden like this one. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”Albert Einstein

A blooming garden is as though it was a soul waking up after a healing sleep.

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Detailed Credits


Dress: Azul Lynn Gown @ Sense Event
Hair: Kuni Hair – Lily @ Sense Event


TLG – Daisies and Ladybirds @SWANK Event
TLG – Our Place To Dream Bee Waterer @SWANK Event
TLG – Our Place To Dream Garden Spinners @SWANK Event
TLG – Our Place To Dream Ruined Arch@SWANK Event
CJ Creations –  Tuscany Fountain Wild Flower @SWANK Event
Little Branch – Moon Flower Shrub @ Sense Event

By Timaaj